Nic Hamilton, BTCC

Our round up of the Autoaid sponsored Cars and Drivers in the 2023 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship

2023 once again saw Autoaid Breakdown partner with Team Hard for the sponsorship of two British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) cars and drivers for the latest Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship. Of course, this isn’t the first team that Autoaid has partnered with Team Hard, but it is the first time we’ve sponsored the Cupra Leon’s now being run on track by the team.

Autoaid with our simple, no thrills and value for money Roadside Breakdown service and Team Hard (who are coincidently based not far from us just over the border, or river, in Kent) with their nurturing of home grown talent approach have proven to be a good fit with one another and a professional and social relationship both brands have been proud to support.

The season itself started with our sponsorship of Nic Hamilton and Channel Islands based Jack Butel. Both entered 2023 with experience from previous BTCC seasons and BTCC fan favourite Nic with longer term experience with Team Hard from a couple of prior full seasons under his belt.

Our Autoaid livery looked great on the cars but we couldn’t believe our eyes at Autoaid HQ when early in the season, at Donington, a strategic tyre swap by Nic saw him and his Cupra carve their way through a by now wet track to finish 7th, and later amended to 6th post race. Believe us when we say this, but the 6th place could well have meant the World Championship to Nic and his fans as he achieved his highest ever race finish.

No sporting fan, let alone a Motor Racing fan could admit to not feeling a lump in their throat when Nic rolled his car back to the garage after scrutineering and climbed onto the roof in jubilation, and in truth be known, a tear or two may even have been shed here at Autoaid watching that historic event.

The rest of the season was less eventful though Team Hard did rotate the drivers (not just Autoaid sponsored drivers) giving the likes of James Gornall and the highly experienced Rob Huff a crack of the whip in the driving seat(s).

Unfortunately, and despite Nic’s amazing and historic points haul at the beginning of the season, there was little (no) extra by way of silverware for our sponsored drivers. But, the Cupras have now had 2 full seasons under their belt and points have been had in 2023 paving the way for a confident start to the 2024 season for Team Hard and their drivers.

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