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Are you aware that…

…statistically, one in three vehicles suffers a breakdown each year, and a ten-year-old car is more likely to encounter breakdowns compared to a newer vehicle?

We could provide you with more alarming statistics, but instead, let us assist you in choosing the breakdown cover that takes your worries away from motoring on the road. RCIB proudly owns three brands that offer a variety of breakdown covers, ensuring you can find the one that perfectly fits your needs.


Autoaid Breakdown offers Personal Based Cover, which means you’ll be covered in any eligible vehicle you’re driving when a breakdown happens.

In addition to roadside assistance, Autoaid Breakdown provides cover for caravans and small trailers attached to the car, theft, vandalism, and home breakdowns.

Your legal partner can be covered for free, enjoying all the same benefits. This makes Autoaid the perfect choice for couples with access to multiple vehicles.

Autonational Rescue

Autonational Rescue offers Vehicle Based Cover, which means the car is covered regardless of the driver.

Autonational Rescue provides three levels of cover to choose from: Roadside, Roadside & Recovery, and Total UK.

This breakdown policy is perfect for families who share the same vehicle. Additionally, existing Autonational policyholders can get a 50% discount when protecting a second vehicle.

Euro Rescue - Providers of European Breakdown Cover
Euro Rescue Breakdown

Euro Rescue offers breakdown cover for drivers who are taking their vehicles to Europe.

Euro Rescue covers from a minimum of 3 to 365 days. It provides three levels of breakdown policies, each with different included benefits: Euro Break, Euro Rescue, and Euro Rescue +.

In addition to assistance in case of breakdowns, Euro Rescue offers help if the vehicle becomes immobile due to an accident, fire, theft or if the only driver becomes ill.