BTCC Round 3: In Prep For Thruxton

With the British Touring Car Championship taking place this weekend, 6th and 7th of May, there has been no time to waste for the competing drivers. Two of the MG Racing RCIB Insurance sponsored drivers, Aron Taylor-Smith, who is currently standing in the 17th spot and Daniel Lloyd, who is 25th, are both in confident mindsets that they think will push them further up the ladder towards the leaders board. They will be holding a Q&A event on the 5th of May where more details will be given about how their preparation has been going and what expectations they have for the future rounds.

However, Smith did tell us that he feels confident coming up to the race and hopes to move at least a few positions up in Thruxton:

“The entire day spent at Croft was of huge benefit. The two MG’s ended up being the only two cars out on circuit which meant we had all day to test a variety of different theories on the car. The engineers along with Dan and myself left feeling very confident with some of the areas we had tested.

The car felt the best it’s been all season, its finally starting to react as we need it to and we’re now really capitalising on the RML components and maximising their ability. On the back of the successful test day, I’m now feeling really confident as we head into Thruxton and look forward to achieving strong finishes.”

While Lloyd is in a lower position, he still feels confident about Round 3 and is looking forward to raising his rank, which we are also certain he will be able to achieve:

“The test at Croft went really well, we had a list of things to go through and we got through 50% of them. Even though we wanted to get more done we were very pleased on what we found. Thruxton is always a an oddball in terms of set up so we hope these changes transfer and benefit to this round. The team has done a great job and I hope we get more chances like croft to keep moving forwards!”

The leaders in the top 5 positions remain in this order: Tom Ingram with 86 points in first, Colin Turkington with 72pts in second, Adam Morgan with 69pts in third, Gordon Shedden with 67pts in fourth and Rob Collar with also 67pts in fifth. Ingram is very much ahead of his fellow leaders, however Turkington has his eyes set on first position and will not go down easily. We are being promised an exhilarating race. Head down to Thruxton this weekend and see it for yourself!

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